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Our customers tell us we have the best beef in Colorado with the best prices.  All of our meat is vacuumed sealed which will last you twice as long as paper wrapped beef.  While some claim their steers are grass fed, what they don’t tell you is that they are grain finished.  This is done to add weight to the steer fast toward the end of their growth so the hanging weight is heavier at butchering time.  It does add weight but also fat.  We don’t want more fat, lean meat that is organic and all natural is better for us.  What they also won't tell you is if the grain fed to the cattle or lamb is genetically modified or not, or has been treated with pesticides.  So… many cannot compete with our beef and lamb, which are totally grass fed and finished and are definitely hormone and antibiotic free, which we think is so important.  Boy, can you tell a difference in the taste!  Our steers roam freely over the rolling fields and enjoy our waist-high grass that we grow during the summer months.  The reason we have such success in growing this lush green grass is because we are blessed with having an abundance of water rights which we use to run our two pivots to grow hay as well as flood irrigate.  Because of the water, we are one of the only green areas in Livermore.  You can look on Google maps and see a satellite picture of our ranch and see the only green acres are where we are located. 
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