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We normally meet you at the Costco parking lot in Timnath to deliver your beef

Beef Prices

By the pound

Very limited supply


Ground Beef         $8.95/lb Sold Out

Chuck Roast        $9.75/lb Sold Out

Short Ribs            $9.50/lb Available

Tenderloin Fillet  $24.95/lb Sold Out

NY Strip                  $21.95/lb Sold Out

Rib Eye Steak       $21.95/lb Sold Out

Sirloin Steak          $18.95/lb Sold Out

Brisket                     $15.95/lb Available

Sirloin Tip              $18.95/lb Sold Out

Stew Meat               $9.95/lb Sold Out

London Broil         $9.95/lb Sold Out

Flank                       $14.95/lb Available

Cheek Meat            $4.00  Tongue                     $4.00  Oxtail                       $5.00 Available

Heart                        $4.00 Available

Liver                         $4.00 Available

Soup Bones Meaty $5.00 Available

Broth Bones            $4.00 Available


Ground beef Pattie SALE

$5.00/lb,  Min order 25lbs,  85% Lean

This ground beef is our neighbors beef that is grass-fed but not raised on our ranch.  I agreed to place it on our website to help them out this one time.  It is fattier than our beef but still very good.

***Beef sold by the hanging weight or by individual pieces.

Hanging weight average 575-775lbs,  If you buy a quarter beef and the total steer's hanging weight is 600lbs your quarter would weigh 150lbs and would cost you $975 plus processing for a 1/4 beef of around $185.   All of our meat is vacuum-sealed which will last twice as long as paper sealed.

You will get a variety of all different cuts including Ground Beef, Rib-eye Steaks, New York Steaks, Filet, Sirloin Steak, Stew meat, Chuck roast, London Broil,  brisket, short ribs, Liver, Soup Bones, and broth bones.