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Reserve your order with a Square Deposit
We will set a time to meet.  Lots of people meet us at the Costco parking lot in Timnath, CO to get their beef.  We also meet people in North Denver off of I-25 and 144th.    

Beef Deposit Form

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Living Water Ranch Beef steak with salt and pepper

Deposit & Sale Terms

This is a deposit for the size of beef selected. The steer's finished hanging weight should be around 550lbs to 650lbs. We charge $6.95/lb of hanging weight plus $250 processing fee.  We will not know the final hanging weight until we get the final report from the processor. As an example, if the hanging weight of the steer is 550lbs, your 1/4 beef would weigh 137lbs and would cost $1202 including all processing and taxes.  Your nonrefundable deposit will be deducted from the final payment. Once we receive the beef we will call you to schedule a meeting location to give you your beef.


We will need to schedule a meeting location within two days of our call notifying you that your beef is ready. We do not have room to store it for a longer period. The final payment can be made with Venmo, Zelle, cash, check or we can do credit card but would have to add a 3.5% fee. 


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